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Big Bang Theory Cluedo

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Someone has meddled with one of his sacred belongings and he isn't taking it lightly. He's sequestered 6 of his so-called "friends" and created a white board to analyse who did it, what heinous deed was done, and where the act of vengeance took place. Did Penny dog-ear the comic-book in the laundry room, or did Howard dismantle the Shelbot in the stairwell. Only you can help Sheldon determine who the culprit is or bear witness to a life made miserable by a scorned man.

- 3 - 9 players
- Enjoy the Classic Mystery Game of Cluedo with this new Edition - The Big Bang Theory Cluedo
- Use your skills and find out Who Did it? What They Did? And where it occurred?
- An ideal companion for travelling or at home
- Fun for children and adults alike

- 6 Custom tokens defiled toothbrush
- Wiped hard drive
- Dismantled shelbot
- Stained cushion
- Dog-eared comic and erased equation board
- Six suspects

- Suitable for ages 8 years and older
- Warranty: 6 months

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