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KitchenFX 10pc Stainless Steel BBQ Braai Grill Tool Set

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This 10-piece barbecue set comes with all the tools you need to make an amazing meal.

Product Features:
- It includes a 3-in-1 spatula that cuts, flips and opens bottles and multipurpose tongs
- The utensils are all made from stainless steel.
- Each tool features a metal hanging hook if you choose to attach them to your gas, propane or charcoal grill while cooking.
- They are long-handled cooking utensils. This is to help keep your hands, fingers and wrists away from the open flames or high heat.
- It is rust resistant and dishwasher safe.

Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel
Colour: Silver

Dimensions (Size and Weight):
Grill Shovel (Spatula) 44x9x2.5cm - 231g
BBQ Tongs 42.5x7x4cm - 320g
Grill Cleaning Brush 40x6.5x5cm - 252g
BBQ Knife 41.5x3x1.5cm - 145g
Long Fork 42x3x2cm - 133g
Basting Brush 43x4.5cm - 156
4 Skewers 41x0.6cm - 61.4g
Aluminum Storage Case 29x46x47.5cm 1005g
Total Weight: 1550g

- Grill Shovel (Spatula)
- BBQ Tongs
- Grill Cleaning Brush
- BBQ Knife
- Long Fork
- Basting Brush
- 4 Skewers
- Aluminum Storage Case

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