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The Covid-19 pandemic has left us South Africa’s with too much time on our hands and nothing to do with it. Mowing the lawn is no longer a chore but an outdoor activity. Don’t let Covid get in the way of your daily routines with our list of the Top 5 Lockdown Products to keep South African’s happy, healthy and entertained. 


1. H96 Max TV Box

The H96 MAX PLUS Tv Box is a media centre that is an absolute must-have if you’re thinking of upgrading your home entertainment during lockdown. The extremely small and sleek Android Media Player turns any TV into a full-blown smart Android TV. 

Once set up, this Android TV Box lets you watch movies, play games, and enjoy Apps directly from your screen. Due to its WiFi service it also helps you to search the web on your TV. Through providing you with free, pre-installed access to Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Spotify and Kodi 17.0, this Android Media Player allows you to download the content FREE OF CHARGE.


2. Onikuma K5 Stereo Headset

One for the gamers!

The K5 Gaming Headphones by Onikuma are lightweight and can be used, especially for longer periods of time, to ensure extra comfort. Perfect for gaming sessions all night long. The special memory foam is designed to form a bionic protein cushion covering. It's both dense and responsive to the touch, which is why it maintains comfort for long periods.

The Onikuma K5 Stereo Gaming Headset recreates a large sound stage that allows you to easily distinguish the location of the sound inside a 3D environment. If you want to hear the footsteps of enemies advancing towards you, or you're running towards the sound of gunshots, the K5 provides perfectly adequate audio fidelity for PC, Playstation or Xbox.


3. Somnia Luxury Gravity Weighted Blanket

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has resulted in sleep disruption for many, brought on by irregular routines and related stress. One way to ensure you get that good night’s sleep is a Gravity Weighted Blanket.

Many medical professionals worldwide agree that deep pressure stimulation helps relax and soothe the human body. Weighted blankets use this simulation of pressure to offer the relief and therapeutic support you may be needing during this uneasy time.

The soothing effect of a Somnia weighted blanket can create a more comfortable environment for falling asleep by imitating the feeling of being comfortably tucked-in, in bed. This close physical connection provides a sense of warmth and safety, making it easier for the body to relax.


4. Honor Band 5 Smart Watch

A lockdown fitness tracker is needed for a lockdown fitness plan. Whether you are gyming at home or doing exercise in the mornings, the Honor Band 5 Smartwatch is the ideal workout companion.

The brand new Honor Band 5 Smartwatch has a slim, curved profile, AMOLED colour display and packed with features to suit your lockdown lifestyle. The Honor Band 5 boasts more features that are integrated in the development of fitness trackers. Say goodbye to the basic heart rate and sleep tracking and welcome the more complex sport modes available in the new model.

5. Berrcom Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

Keep tabs on your loved one’s vital signs with the Bearcom Infrared Thermometer. It measures Body Temperature, Surface Temperature, and Ambient Room Temperature without ever touching the object or person. Equipped with a 3-Color changing LCD screen, easily identify if an object or person is normal, medium or too hot.

There is no longer a need to write down the last recorded temperature during a fever. This thermometer has built-in memory which can record up to 32 readings taken at any time.